What's the deal?

I use photography as a way to bring a little creativity into my daily life. Nothing more. I have no training - I simply play and experiment. I picked up a camera for the first time in 2005. A Nikon Coolpix 5700 it was and were it not for digital photography I don't think I would have pursued things much. The digital format has given me the ability to learn without worrying. I have since made my way into film choosing to do so only when I believe it can offer me something digital cannot. Mostly this means toy cameras or antiques. There's more on the equpment I use on my 'Equpment' page.

How did you build the site?

Well when I first launched Smallest Photo, I used the excellent (and free) Pixelpost CMS as the site's backbone and then made some modifications to suit my fickle tastes. For my second (and present) design I wanted certain features that would require a more bespoke approach. Once I had created a design I was happy with I faced the challenge of getting everything properly coded. This meant cross browser compatibilty issues and keeping things in line with web standards. Luckily I was fortunate enough to have Andrew Houser on board who really breathed life into my design and in the process I ended up with a bespoke CMS. The site has been lovingly built utilizing PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS and a smidge of Ajax/Javascript.

For the font curious - I've used SF Movie Poster Condensed for the menu and logo.

Where else are you featured?

I'm not, but some of my photographs can be found here:

Additionally Smallest Photo has been recognized by the following: